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🏰 AUTHOR INTERVIEW: 'Tapped Out for College Students' Kelley Pryor Amrien & Becki Stevens

Kelley Pryor Amrein is a writer and EFT practitioner. Kelley first discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in 2007. She used EFT personally and with her family before becoming certified as an AAMET Level Two practitioner in 2014. As a coach, Kelley has witnessed the power of EFT to release negative emotions, relieve stress, and lessen physical pain. As the parent of college students, Kelley believes that Tapped Out is a much-needed resource on college campuses, where stress levels are on the rise. The book provides students with a life-long tool, allowing them to easily alleviate stress and enjoy a healthy and successful life.

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Becki Stevens is an AAMET certified Advanced EFT Practitioner. For the past two years she has owned a successful EFT practice in southern New Hampshire. She works with people of all ages, including college students, to ease their physical and emotional distress. Becki focuses on how a person’s emotions can sabotage their success. Becki believes that Tapped Out For College Students is an empowering introduction to EFT for college students, giving them a tool they can use throughout their lives to relieve stress and foster healthy relationships, creativity, and overall health.



About the Book:

You’re in college and college is stressful. Your stress impacts every facet of life, from classes to grades to work commitments. Even your physical health can be affected. Studies show that college students like you now face more stress than ever, leaving you with less time for relaxation and self-care. When you’re already overburdened, the idea of finding a way to relieve stress sounds like Tapped Out For College Students: Stress Relief Using EFT, is a guidebook that empowers college students like you, allowing you to reduce your level of stress and opening the door to success in college and in life.

one more way to add extra stress to your life. But, what if you can relieve the stress of college in minutes? What if homework didn’t have to be so hard, and you did have time for school and fun?

In Tapped Out, college students are introduced to our unique BESD (Because, Emotions, Sensations, and Distress) system, which easily guides them through the tapping process. Once you’ve defined your personal BESD related to a specific issue, you can easily translate this into a tapping session. The book is full of tapping scripts relating to the most common stress-inducing issues you face in college. Students can tap through the scripts as they are written, or they can personalize them, using the responses they develop using the BESD system. 

The Table of Contents is the perfect starting place, allowing students to pinpoint their issue and flip to the appropriate section of the book. Some of the topics covered in the book include time management, homework, exams, relationships, money, health, and preparing for the real world following college.
Students no longer have to be stressed throughout their college career. With Tapped Out as a companion, college students can face the college landscape calmly. This unique book, intended to be used as and when needed, empowers students to control their reactions and respond to each situation successfully. College is stressful. Tapped Out for College Students can help.



As a book bloggin’ and book luvin’ Princess, I’m always curious to find out how authors got the ideas for their books.  How did you come up with the idea for your book?

Hi Book Bloggin’ Princess. Thanks for having us on your blog. To answer your question, we came up with the idea for our book in January of 2016 when we were both setting up new offices. Kelley’s daughter we going through a stressful time in college and she said she’d love a book for college students using Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT, an energy therapy that easily allows you to release stress and negative emotions. At that time, no book like this existed. Becki suggested we write the book and fill the void. We are happy to say that we did just that with Tapped Out For College Students: Stress Relief Using EFT (Tapped Out).

Can you tell us what your book is about?
Tapped Out is a guidebook that introduces readers to EFT, or Tapping. EFT is a non-invasive energy therapy using gentle finger tapping on specific meridian points beneath the surface of the skin. The meridians, from Chinese medicine, create energy pathways throughout the body. By tapping on the points identified in EFT, you are able to access all the major energy circuits and find relief because EFT smooths out disruptions in your energy system.

In the book, students are introduced to the BESD, a system we developed to easily guide the tapping process. Once the students define their personal BESD related to a specific issue, or the Because, Emotions, Sensations and level of Distress related to the issue, they can easily translate this into a tapping session. The book is full of tapping scripts covering the most common stress-inducing issues students face. College students can tap through the scripts as is, or can personalize them using the words they’ve discovered as they determined their own BESD answers.

Can you give us an excerpt?
We’ve provided an excerpt from Tapped Out that includes a tapping script to reduce stress. If you aren’t familiar with EFT or Tapping, head to our website, where we have a tapping diagram and a tapping video to guide you through the process.

Too Much
College is busy and stressful. Stress causes the release of cortisol and cortisol muddles your brain. This makes studying and completing your work more difficult.14 EFT helps to relax and dissipate the cortisol, clearing your brain so you can think better. Tap it out to reduce your stress. This is time well spent because it actually buys you more time. Once you relax, the entire studying process is much easier. Tap, relax, refocus and good luck.
Because: I have too much studying to do...I can’t get it done...My grades might suffer
Emotions: Stressed and exhausted
Sensation: Can’t sleep
Distress: 0-10____________
KC: Even though I am stressed and exhausted because I have too much studying to do...I can’t sleep because I’m so stressed, I accept myself and how I feel.
KC: Even though I have all of this stress because I have so much studying to do...I am worried that I can’t get it all done and my grades will suffer, I accept myself and how I feel.
KC: Even though I am stressed and exhausted because I have too much studying to do and if I don’t get it done my grades might suffer, I accept myself and how I feel.
EB: I have so much studying to do
SE: Every professor gives homework
UE: And it is all due at the same time
UN: I have so much to do and I’m not sure I can get it all done
CP: I’m stressed and exhausted
CB: Just trying to keep get it all done
UA: With all this stress I can’t sleep
TH: I have to get it all done or my grades might suffer
EB: All this stress because of all the studying I have to do
SE: I’m so stressed I can’t sleep
UE: I’m stressed, exhausted, worried about my grades
UN: Why do all of my professors give so much homework?
CP: I’m so stressed out I can’t even sleep
CB: Exhausted, stressed and overworked
UA: I have to get it all done or I screw up my grades
TH: I’m so stressed out and exhausted because of all this studying
Take a deep breath and assess your level of distress. Continue to tap, repeating this script, until your level of distress is a 2 or below.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would that be?

We’d advise any writers out there to keep at it. Writing is a rewarding but challenging venture. Don’t allow the challenges of writing to keep you from pursuing your writing goals. There will always be resistance, showing up as reasons not to write. Don’t listen to the resistance. Keep at it. You’ll be so much happier if you do, and you’ll be able to accomplish your writing goals.

What would you say is one of your interesting writing quirks?
Becki’s recently learned about her interesting writing quirk. She didn’t realize she spoke out loud while she was writing until a colleague stopped to ask who she was talking to while sitting in her empty office.

Kelley realized a long time ago that she’s verbose and likes to add lots of big words to her writing. When she starts reading what she’s written out loud, she hears the extra junk and happily edits it out.

Do you hear from your readers?  What do they say?

We’ve received great responses from the college students who have read and used our book. Teachers, administrators, and tutors have complimented the book and love the tapping process we introduce. We’ve even had really good responses from adults who long ago finished college but love our process and find the book useful in their personal lives.

What is the toughest criticism given to you as an author?

We’ve been very fortunate to have had nothing but helpful comments and useful advice from the readers of the book. We’ve also had excellent support on the technical side of the publishing experience.

If we had experienced any tough criticism, we’d follow our own advice and tap it out!

What has been the best accomplishment?

Our biggest accomplishment is the fact that we were able to work so well together. We’ve both enjoyed the process and learned much from the co-authoring experience. We’ve loved it so much that we’ve started planning the next book, Tapped Out For College Bound High School Students and Their Parents.

Do you Google yourself?

Becki’s ten-year-old daughter keeps us up-to-date on our Google status.

How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?

As a writing team, we have one book we are working on as a companion to Tapped Out for College Students, called Tapped Out For College Bound High School Students and Their Parents . This June, 2017, we will release a journal, Tapped Out, A Guided Journal Using EFT to Overcome Stress, to accompany our books.

Kelley also writes fiction under her pen name, KD Pryor.  She has two published YA novels, is working on the third in that series, and is nearing completion on her first novel in the women’s fiction genre.

Do you have anything specific that you would like to say to your readers?

We created Tapped Out to empower our readers to release stress and negative emotions so they can live a healthier, happier and more abundant life. We really are passionate about our book and we know tapping works. We’ve experience the benefits for ourselves and we’ve been honored to guide our clients to success with tapping. We hope our readers never stop tapping. We’d love to hear from you about your tapping experiences and any questions you have. You can contact us via our website at and at

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