Wednesday, January 25, 2017

🏰 Book Review: How to Sell Crafts Online by Monica Van Zandt

Title: How to Sell Crafts Online: The Little Handbook of Craft Selling for Beginners (Selling Crafts)
Author: Monica Van Zandt
Genre: Crafts
Publisher: Monica Van Zandt

As a PRINCESS, I usually get my staff to provide me with anything I want, but sometimes a Princess gets an urge to do something with her hands besides wave to her beloved kingdom. I tinkered with making sachets filled with herbs and flowers I had picked from the gardens.  It gave me such joy.  Now I'm hearing that those little satchets I made could have made money ONLINE.  But pooh I have enough money; I don't need it but I love donating to charities and I could have done that!

Now, craftspersons are rolling up their sleeves and selling their crafts through the Internet and it always made me wonder just how do you go about doing that?

This is where How to Sell Crafts Online comes in handy.  While it's a short ebook, it's packed with great information like suggesting different things you can sell online plus where to sell it.  I'd heard of Etsy and eBay before, but hadn't heard of Artfire.  It even gives suggestions on how to stand out from all the others selling their wares.

Because it's such a short book but does have helpful instruction on how to sell crafts online, I'm going to have to give this book 3 princess wands.

 My Rating: 3 Princess Wands

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