Tuesday, January 24, 2017

🏰 Book Review: The Ultimate Guide To Sleep by Jessica Lopez

Title: The Ultimate Guide to Sleep: How to Combat Insomnia and Sleep Problems
Author: Jessica Lopez
Genre: Self-Help
Publisher: Jessica Lopez
Pages: 30

Since I am a Princess, one of the things I know about is sleep.  I sleep whenever I want and as much as I want but there are those darn nights when I can't get to sleep worth a toot.  This is the reason I agreed to review The Ultimate Guide to Sleep: How To Combat Insomnia and Sleep Problems by Jessica Lopez.

One of the points in The Ultimate Guide to Sleep was that you should keep to your usual pattern or rhythm before retiring.  Anything different that happens to you during the day or night before you retire for the night might trigger insomnia.  In my case, being a PRINCESS, I did do something different than I usually do and that was get myself involved in this bad ass story about a prince who fell in love with a commoner and left his princess at the alter.  I could not go to sleep for the life of me.  I just had to find out if he was going to go back to the princess or carry the commoner off on his white horse to Happily Ever After.  Ugh. There were lots of other times when I got involved with certain things that kept me from falling asleep but The Ultimate Guide to Sleep is now my new knight in shining armor.

Even though it's a short little book, but it's jam packed with explanations on why you might not be sleeping and a few antidotes if it happens.  I knew about the warm milk but I didn't know about other things that might help like lavender for example.  No, you don't eat it, but the smell is a great sleep inducer. I might even get the maid to go pick me some from the countryside and throw the petals all over my Princess bedroom.

Overall, nice book and I give it 4 princess wands!

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