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­čĆ░Interview with Darcy Wainwright of Thomas White's The Siren's Scream


It's Character Interview Day! Today we'll be interviewing Darcy Wainwright of Thomas White's THE SIREN'S SCREAM. First a little about the author. Welcome Darcy!

Thomas White began his career as an actor. Several years later he found himself as an Artistic Director for a theatre in Southern California and the winner of several Drama-Logue and Critics awards for directing. As Tom’s career grew, he directed and co-produced the world tour of “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Coming Out Of Their Shells”. The show toured for over two years, was translated into seven different languages and seen by over a million children. Tom served as President and Creative Director for Maiden Lane Entertainment for 24 years and worked on many large-scale corporate event productions that included Harley Davidson, Microsoft, Medtronic Diabetes, and dozens of others. The Siren’s Scream is Tom’s second novel that follows up Justice Rules which was nominated as a finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association 2010 Literary contest.

Tom’s latest book is the mystery/horror, The Siren’s Scream.

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What is your name? 

   Hi, my name is Darcy Wainwright. I am currently a realtor at Lewis Realty and Brokerage.

What do you look like? 

   I’m 24 years old. I have naturally black hair with green eyes. I’ve been told I have a great body, I guess it depends on what you like. 

Where are you today and what are you doing? 

   I just got my first legit listing. It’s an old mansion on the bluff overlooking the Pacific here in Santa Cruz, CA. The house has been deserted for almost thirty years and no one has been able to sell it. I’m not surprised, it’s as creepy as it gets. It’s what we call a serious fixer upper in the biz. The rest of the town calls it a Bates Motel for tree huggers. There are a lot of ghost stories that surround the place. Anyway, I got a call out of the blue and some guy wants to buy it for his mother. I wonder what she ever did to him, lol. I hope it works out because Tim Lewis, my boss, has been on my butt about not making a sale yet. But really, I’ve only been here two months! Give me a break. 

Describe the outside of your home. 

   I live in an apartment about six miles from work. It’s a tiny one bedroom but it’s cheap enough I don’t have to have a roommate, which is what I really wanted. If this job works out, I’ll start looking at houses. 

What is your favorite piece of clothing? 

   My wardrobe choices have changed recently. I used to be a real party girl and dressed that way, you know short skirts, tight blouses, high heels. Now I am more corporate and quarter heels. On my time off though I am a jeans and a t-shirt kinda gal. I’m a bit extravagant with my tennis shoes but that’s about it. My favorite pair are my NoBull Runners. I had to save up for a month to get them but they are the best.

What scares you? 

   I’m a pretty levelheaded person. I don’t mind the dark unless it’s somewhere I’ve never been. I don’t swim in the ocean much because I don’t like the idea of stuff swimming beneath me. So, I guess the thing that really scares me is commitment. I date a lot of different guys and I like it that way. I don’t have time for a relationship right now, totally focused on my career, so I guess that would be it. 

How would your parents describe you?

   Well, my father left when I was three. I don’t really remember him. My mother lives in Sacramento and we have a great relationship. Tumultuous teen years of course, but I grew out of it and mow were besties. She’s probably say that I’m extroverted, funny, engaging and smart, not in that order.  

What’s the last thing you do before you go to bed at night?

   I’ve started reading. I used to fall asleep to the TV but I found that along with my new outlook on life and career change I enjoy reading. Mostly murder mysteries. I don’t do much non-fiction but I may be moving toward biographies. 

Who is your best friend? Where is your favorite hangout?

   My best friend is an old boyfriend. His name is Kerry. He’s a carpenter around town and we dated in high school. After that we just drifted apart. He did sometime at Cal playing football but when that didn’t work out, he came back and started doing cabinet work. Has a real flair for it. I haven’t seen in in a while though. I think he has a new girlfriend and when that happens, the gal usually doesn’t me like hanging around. I guess they think I’m a threat. 

Is there anything you'd like to say to your author?

   Thank for seeing me as a career gal and not dwelling on my party past. I was all over the place and I’m glad I worked through that phase. No need for anyone to be reading about that stuff, lol. 

Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans?

   Do I have any? I hope so. If I do, I’d love for them to answer these questions about me and see what they think. Otherwise, I just hope they like the story and that it all works out in the end.


An old mansion sits atop of a cliff, overlooking the ocean, in Santa Cruz, CA. A young realtor, Darcy Wainwright, manages to sell the dilapidated old house to Henry Childs, an obese nebbish who is obsessed with the property. In the backyard is a pool. Not an ordinary pool but a giant tide pool. In the tide pool is a siren with an evil agenda for revenge.

The Thornton Mansion was a talisman for the death and mystery that surrounded it. Unoccupied for years until Henry Childs was summoned by the house. As directed, he reached out to unsuspecting, novice realtor Darcy Wainwright. Darcy finds herself intricately involved with the house, its history and the haunting tide pool that filled the backyard. It was the pool that beckoned her, and it was the pool that would decide if she lives or dies. The Siren’s Scream. Available on Amazon.

Release Date: October 5, 2022

Publisher: Savvy Books

Soft Cover: ISBN: 978-1088067819; 480 pages; $21.14


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